Feeling nervous when speaking in front of a crowd? These tips may help you!


  1. The most important rule when you speak in front of a crowd is that you have to know exactly what to say. You have to prepare carefully and acknowledge where to lead your audience to. Once fully knowing, list what you want to say into 3 or 4 main points and focus your speech on these main points.
  2. Take some deep breath; it will help you significantly without you ever knowing it. When commencing your speech, try to speak slowly and keep your voice remain medium, then steadily increase your volume.
  3. Some drink before you start your presentation is always good, better just pure water. Some sips of water and you can make sure that your throat won’t be dry during your speech. Another great benefit of water is that it helps you stay calm.
  4. If your presentation lasts for a long time don’t forget a common Vietnamese idiom: “có thực mới vực được đạo”. So remember to eat something before long presentation, it is not funny to hear your stomach calling while speaking.
  5. Make sure that there is nothing wrong in your throat (such as phlegm) and your voice is normal. It’s awkward if you “tằng hắng”(*cough cough*) while speaking in front of a lot of people.
  6. Always starting with a smile on your face. It gives you great strength to make you feel more confident.
  7. Before going straight to the topic, remember to have some greeting to your listeners, like: “Hello everybody, I ‘am…” or some sentences to express your thoughts about the topic you are about to present, such as: “Greetings! Well, today I ‘am about to speak about the topic X, Y, Z… I find this topic very interesting and helpful as well. I hope today we can discuss about this problem thoroughly…”
  8. Treat your audience like your friends. Don’t think that they are your enemies; try not to see them as a group but consider them as separate individuals so you don’t have the feeling that you’re outnumbered . Therefore try to look at each people for w while and avoid sticking your eyes to the floor or the ceiling, it’s just a sign of nervy and disrespect to the listeners too.
  9. Don’t whisper. Remember you are talking for your listeners, so raise your voice up so that the furthest people can hear you clearly. Listen your own ringing voice also help you feel less nervous tremendously. You can adjust your voice, your volume slowly every day.


So above is some basic practical advice to help you feel confident in your presentation. We hope that these tips may help you in your study and your work.


Phlegm: a thick substance that forms in the nose or throat, especially when you have a cold.