Step 1: Look quickly at the blocks of text in the passage

Step 2: Find the words or phrases that you don’t understand in the passage

Step 3: Underline or memorize those words/phrases

Step 4: when all the aforementioned steps are done, choose one of the methods below in order to analyze the contrasts (there are always contrasts for every difficult words or phrases in a passage, all you need to do is find them) then figure out the concepts of the words/phrases you find confusing.

  • Scan the text in a zigzag from right to left
  • Scan from the bottom right to left, then left to right
  • Scan from the bottom. Move right to left, right to left
  • Scan vertically from the bottom to the top
  • Scan from the bottom right of a paragraph to the top left. Look at either side of the diagonal line

Step 5: By finding all the contrasts, you should be able to figure out the meaning of the words, phrases in the passage and ultimately the passage itself, if u don’t, look it up in the dictionary (not recommended for readers).

Ngô Tấn Hoàng Huy –  member of Specialist Department