It was such a beautiful Friday. The weather was not boiling hot as usual, but a mild one instead. We – BELLers with some Dutch friends- had a special charity to the District-8-orphanage with the aim of bringing happiness, compassion and laughter for the children, just as John Ruskin had said ” A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money”.

That day, we departed from Campus A to Co-opmart supermarket around 11 a.m in order to prepare some gifts for the orphans. We went round all the food and baverage sections, chosing carefully to make sure they are all good for children’s health. We also purchased some snacks, candies and learning tools. After one and a half hours buying things, we had luch together and arrived at the orphanage around 2 p.m.10482628_652605931495204_493284931_o

10501312_652605831495214_1327629382_nI had been here once since I was in high school, but turning back this time, nothing  changed. There were still innocent eyes and lovely smiles on the children’s faces, but inside is the strong fortitude to overcome many tough and difficult circumstances. After we reached there, the children were saying nice hello to welcome all of us, which was so touching. How cosy this orphan was!


When we went inside, it started raining. So lucky for us, but unlucky for the 2 members going to the bookstore to buy textbooks as another special gift for the orphans since the new school year is coming close. Although it was raining cats and dogs, our friends still arrived on time. At first, the children were a little shy when meeting strangers, but after having a nice small talk together, they became more comfortable and confident. They loved us, loved to talk with friendly Dutch friends, who can speak Vietnamese and English fluently. After 1 hour, the sky was clearing up, we also started to organize some interesting games for the children with prizes. They were really energetic, dynamic and played the games so smartly, which surprised us a lot. We did have a great day together with lots of joys and laughters.10477303_652605761495221_1076686783_n10489194_652606374828493_1339640603_n

Time was flying fast. It was time for us to leave. At the end of the charity, we granted all the gifts for the children and took a lot of photos for memory. We will miss this time so much – the moment when we could learn more about the people from all walks of life and from different environment, the moment of sharing and being a part of a community.

LIFE IS NOT ONLY ABOUT RECEIVING , BUT IT’S ALSO ABOUT GIVING. Let’s do the little good that we have been placed here to do. Please join hands to help them and have a meaningful summer like us.10389491_802210349797016_9211472419905450418_n10488893_652605854828545_85404480_n10502415_652605928161871_429389291_n

Nhung Chen