A small unnoticeable action can result in a very big change later on

Have you ever thought your own actions can create a huge impact on the society?

Have you ever thought together we can create a sustainable future where social, economic and environmental interests meet?

That future is no fantasy at all!





For the 1st time ever, a special event is held by AIESEC Vietnam, to gather and connect more than 300 youth leaders and potential students in Asia Pacific region and leading corporations in Ho Chi Minh City.

The  event  aims  to  challenge,  enhance youth  knowledge  about  sustainability,  inspire  a  positive  and creative  vision,  and  carry  out  actions  for a sustainable future.

In alignment with the general theme “Acting sustainably”, Asia Youth Leaders Summit this year will focus on 4 main topics:

–          Economics

–          Human Capital

–          Environment

–          Technology and Innovation

The event will be an opportunity to:

– Gain knowledge about current status of Sustainable Development in Vietnam

– Understand about practical implementation and discuss solutions to real case studies at top companies

-Learn about cultural diversity and improve communication skills through direct interaction with international Youth Leaders and Honor Guests

– Get inspiration for acting sustainably in practice

Please visit our official website https://apylsvietnam.com

or our fanpage https://www.facebook.com/APYLSVietnam for more information.