1965061_10201389073568811_5105874024144745592_nAPTA is the abbreviation for Asia Pacific Tourism Association. APTA was established in 1995 and has become a major academic engine for the Asia and Pacific region in the field of tourism. This conference is held annually in different Asian coutries with the attendance of many guests and professors from various universities all around the world. The latest APTA conference was at Ho Chi Minh City in July, 2014.

This year, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh city together with Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Ho Chi Minh are proudly to be the organizers of the conference.
And this is also a great pleasure of BELL to be a part of a professtional international event.

One of our volunteer has shared her feeling to every body:

” To me, I take pride in being a voluteer for APTA. At first, I did not know what I had to do and did not care what APTA is. I attended just because the praticing score, the certificate and even clothes. Nevertheless, everything had changed because of the first day. Since that day, every day, I desired to work. I realized that I had received a big opportunity to work in the professional environment to absorb the way which higher-level people oraganizing things. Moreover, it was a great chance to practice speaking English because everywhere was foreigners and guess what, they were very friendly.Wow, amazing!.. Furthermore, the most important reason why APTA was my most memorable event was that it helped me get closed to my BELL, to many members whom I have not met and have not talked to before. All the volunteers had worked and helped each other a lot. In my opinion, it was a great and fantastic time when BELLers could work together in order to the contribution to upgrade the reputation of UEH

In the end, I want to give a special thanks to my BELL because of giving me this pleasure. I really appreciate not only that but also all of the things BELL has done for BELLers. I love you so much, BELL”