What do we usually do on every Tuesday, BELLers???? It is BELL’s Gathering. But this time is the most meaningful and vibrant gathering ever, especially all members of BELL joined enthusiastically.
This Gathering was held to welcome back Course 38 members after finishing the study in the Military.  The gathering began with sharing member’s meaningful, happy and cute memories. After that, there is a little surprise for us, all eyes and ears  focused on a wonderful performance of a handsome boy – Mr Quan with the ballad song “Every day I love You”. That made the atmosphere in room hotter and cosy. I’m really sure that many girls will be willing to be his fans.
An indispensable part was mini games, which was prepared by 2 beautiful OB – Ms Thao and Ms Giang. Although the time was limited, everyone still energetically screamed out and had some happy competition in those games to gain the first prize. It was very excited more than ever before. Those funny games brought a lots joy, smiles to us and made every member closer to each other.
The rest of the gathering was announcement of various activities such as: PMP, ONCE PARTY and updating of CHARITY activity, ESD-SUMMER HEAT and finally the result of BELL’s GENERGATION. As you know, Charity is a totally new activity of BELL club, we will donate for the charity fund to help poor people. It was really glad that everyone was willing to contribute their money to “Charity Pig”.  Additionally, all the money’s prize from Bell’s generation was also donated to that Pig. The “super hot” atmosphere was maintained to the end of gathering.
Because there were some problems about the room, we still made the gathering happen in way toward success. What a pity that we don’t have any special pictures of this gathering, but hopefully that all Bellers can participate in all activities as well as gatherings of BELL like a hobby.
All I want to say that I’m proud of being a Beller!