MUSECOLOR – BJ CLAMAX’s professional makeup brand


It is a make-up brand newly launched in Korea in 2017 in order to present an easy solution to those who have trouble choosing to be reborn as a different muse every day.




The ‘MUSECOLOR’ product, which is made up of products that are used in a multi way by the combination of skilled color variation and smart application, will complete your unique style.

MUSECOLOR, a professional make-up brand that makes perfect changes to make-up even at home alone, is aimed at innovating the beauty industry on the principle of ‘Let’s do what no one else does’ and ‘MUSECOLOR’ Uniqueness + Being myself.’

A simple red color brand logo on a stylish black packaging will make you like a celebrity in a dressing room or in a cosmetics pouch.


MUSECOLOR, an unusual and unique color brand, represents the distinctive characteristics of each of the three labels. Among them, Red Label is the first to appear in the Vietnamese market. It has strong color and bright color like lipstick, lip tint, mascara and eye shadow. It is made up of products that can express various sensibilities.


Smart application with unique blend of colors – ‘White Label’, Deep cleansing which is proposed for the clear and clean skin – ‘Blue Label’, will be the perfect solution for those who are looking for a unique style.




I would like to be honored to participate in this Dream Big 2017 event and become an event to be made with ‘MUSECOLOR’ so that the Vietnamese music & beauty market can grow.