This November

English Clubs will be united
To bring you..
A remarkable event…

It’s EngNet Teambuilding Day

EngNet Teambuilding Day: THE CONVERGENCE is an exchange program for English Clubs in HCM City. With a view to creating a strong and lasting community of English Clubs, the program aims at bringing joy to students during study and practice speaking English.

Our program this time is co-organized by 9 English Clubs for more than 100 members from English Clubs all over the city.

The Organization Board or OB includes members from BELL from UEH, BEE from HCMUS, EFFI from UEL, BY GROUP from Tôn Đức Thắng, CHAMP from HUFLIT, BKDEC from HCMUT, EC from HCMUP, EC.L HCM from HCMULaw, EC from HCMUTrans

Joining the participant is STEP from Banking Academy

EngNet is sponsored by EngTalk, Lost Game, Sinh tố Mát Mát, Cashflow, Flour No.8 and LUP Coffee

Coming soon

27/11- Tao Dan park