Animal idiom expressions in funny drawings that help you understand them better.



As awkward as a cow on roller-skates: very clumsy or off balance.


Very rare.

Chickens don’t have teeth, that is why hen’s teeth so rare!

It is an old saying. But not anymore though, researchers from Britain and the US have succeeded in growing teeth in a chicken. Read more here:


As naked as a jaybird: completely nude, entirely naked, and totally unclothed.

Origins: “The phrase “naked as a jay bird” means, of course, to be utterly without clothing. A “jay” is a species of songbird, probably most familiar to us as the blue jay, with its brilliant blue plumage and distinctively raucous call.

Just where the phrase “naked as a jaybird” came from is, however, a mystery. It has been in fairly common usage since the middle of the 20th century, and seems to be American in origin. Why blue jays, which are modestly covered with feathers, should have become symbols of stark nudity is anyone’s guess. The English have a similar phrase, “naked as a robin,” but that doesn’t seem to make any sense either.

I suppose it is possible that “naked as a jaybird” is related somehow to the use of “jay” in the 19th century for a hick or rube recently arrived in the city. This “jay” underlies our term “jaywalk,” meaning to cross the street in the middle of the block or in some other unorthodox fashion, supposedly as one unaccustomed to urban traffic rules might. “


A little bird told me/whispered to me: If someone doesn’t want to say where they got some information, they can say that a little bird told them.


Like a fish needs a bicycle: if someone needs something like a fish needs a bicycle, they do not need it at all. Originally a feminist slogan: A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.


Hitting the bull’s eyes: hitting the very center of a circular target/to achieve the goal perfectly.


Red herring: something, esp. a clue, which is or is intended to be misleading or distracting: “the book is fast-paced and full of red herrings”

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