Here is the detailed information about the Job Description, Require Skills and Benefits of each Department in BELL Club. This is to help you learn more and understand deeper about BELL Club.


Screenshot_51.1 Job Description

  • Organizing English – improving activities for members.
  • Interacting with other departments in organizing club events.
    + Providing qualified articles for fanpage and website of BELL CLUB.
    + Supporting the contents of weekly gatherings for BELLers.
  • Helping club members improve English skills, including checking English levels and thereby proposing improvement plans for each other.
  • Being responsible for all the needed paperwork provided by the Student’s Association and English materials in most activities.

1.2 Competencies

  • Be interested in English and other activities envolved using English.
  • Fluent in writing and speaking.
  • Responsibity, enthusiasm, friendly and respectful.
  • Careful in specific details.
  • Basic office skills.
  • Critical thinking, creative.
  • Effective communication.
  • Time management and teamwork skill.

1.3 Benefits

  • To experience in organizing and managing work
  • To widen relationship among club members
  • To improve writing and speaking skills, as well as IT skills.
  • To gain more confidence in public speaking and solving problems.



Screenshot_62.1 Job Description

  • Tightening relationships, connecting members in the club.
  • Organizing internal activities for members (Weekly Gathering, Fartrip, Picnic, etc).
  • Supporting other departments in organizing club’s events.
  • Keeping track and updating members’ information.
  • Managing member’s activities
  • Encouraging members’ spirit.
  • Preparing presents for members on their birthday.
  • Taking care of members in and out of HR Department.

2.2 Competencies

  • Cautious thinking
  • Get well with other people
  • Ready to go out of your way to help others
  • Games conducting skill is an advance
  • Flexibility in solving problem
  • Always listening and collecting every member’s ideas.
  • Effective communication
  • Good time management and team-work skill

2.3 Benefits

  • Opportunities to develop many different skills such as: communication, organizing, people management, etc through each single activity
  • Opportunities to improve English writing and speaking skills
  • Experiences of interacting with people of many different personality types and connecting with them
  • Cementing relationships with all members
  • Opportunities to develop public speaking skill.



Screenshot_73.1 Job Description

  • Building up the image of BELL Club in UEH community.
  • Being the bridge between UEH students and BELL Club.
  • Developing relationship among BELL Club and other clubs, organizations inside and outside UEH.
  • Managing the online communication channels of BELL Club.
  • Supporting the promotion campaigns for internal and external events and programs.
  • Preparing the materials for promotion campaigns.

3.2 Competencies

  • Innovation and creativity.
  • Responsibility.
  • Flexibility.
  • Friendly and sociable, eager for knowledge.
  • Effective communication.
  • Basic knowledge of online and offline communication tools.
  • Dynamic person – ready to take part in any social activities to improve soft skills and also to gain more
  • experience.
  • Time management and teamwork.
  • Having a good aesthetic sense is an advance.

3.3 Benefits

  • Working with creative people
  • Widen relationships and network (with BELLers and other clubs, organizations…)
  • Enhance your ability and confidence
  • Environment for whom wanting to learn and experience communication field.
  • Chances to turn your ideas into reality.
  • To improve writing skill and design skills.
  • To know how to make a promotion plan.
  • To know how to manage fanpage, website, and other information channels.
  • To find your passion and companions.



4.1 Job Description

  • Establishing and developing BELL’s relationship with other clubs inside and outside UEH.
  • Preparing materials for campaign sponsors: proposals, contracts,…
  • Finding email, contacts of companies, organizations, English centers to seek sponsors for BELL’s events.
  • Caring sponsors.
  • Coordinating with other departments in running events.

4.2 Competencies

  • Effective communication in Vietnamese and English.
  • Nigotiating skill with others and solution-oriented mindset.
  • Self-motivate and work under high-pressure enviroment, manage event flow on on-site day.
  • Willing to learn and aspire for self-motivate.
  • Good at teamwork.
  • High responsibilities, task arrangement.
  • High commitment in work.

4.3 Benefits

  • To practice and improve English skills through organizing external activities
  • To widen relationships through meeting, working with many people inside and outside UEH, especially companies’ agents, managers…
  • To practice skills: seeking sponsors, representing, communicating, negotiating,…
  • To experience from working under pressure and tight deadlines with effective tool supports.