– Research and develop programs, activities to enhance members’ English proficency.

– Be in charge of translating, spell-checking, English materials.

– Be in charge of English Speaking Day, Race for Knowledge’s Test.

– Take part in organizing BELL’s programs as a member of Organization Board or a BELLaborator.


We are looking for candidates who:

– Are able to use English confidently.

– Are able and willing to help others improve their English.

– Are careful, patient. – Are punctual, responsible.

– Are willing to work with others.

– Achieve an IELTS overall band score of 6.5 or higher or 800 on TOEIC test (optional).


As a Specialist department’s member, you will:

– Improve your knowledge generally and academically.

– Have a chance to improve others’ English.

– Enhance your carefulness and patience.

– Build up your network.

– Develop your soft skills.