Last Friday, BELL Club had a relaxed and friendly Welcome Newbie program so as to welcome our new members. Throughout many connecting-games, the newbies had an opportunity to discover interesting information about BELL as well as get to know more about each other. Although the newbies had not been completely familiar with everyone yet, they were still extremely funny, dynamics and freely expressed themselves. Then Mr President shared some touching thoughts about the Club, hoping every member, whether new or old, would always remain the passion, enthusiasm for BELL and desire to develop the Club bigger and bigger. In addition, he gave all newbies adorable stickers which represent great motivation for newbies to dare to fire, dare to devote their strengths and intelligence for the growth of BELL Club. Finally, the program ended in a warm and happy atmosphere with a big photo of all attendants.

Here’re some photos:


A day full of fun and laughter <3


“You are now being sealed with BELL sticker – From now on, you’ve officially become a BELLer”


A very cute performance with the help of 2 newbies


Mr. President’s welcome speech