A whole new school year has already started with lots of hopes and ambitious plans.

Are you ready to be open to new friends and experiences and make positive changes to your university life, or are you still feel uncertain about where to start? This event by BELL Club will meet your expectations – BELL RECRUITMENT NOVEMBER 2014.

With the theme of a free anchor, we encourage you to stop securing yourself in a familiar zone and start sailing to many new lands with fascinating experiences out there. And BELL Club is an ideal destination for you because of numerous exciting activities and benefits we have offer. Here you will have opportunities to improve and practice your English skills, develop your essential soft skills, discover different cultures, and make friends and work with inspiring people who have the same interest.

Ain’t it sound cool enough? Now, let’s start off your own awesome journey by joining us right now.

Our group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bellrecruitnov2014/

And here they are: BELL’s booklet and application form for NOVEMBER 2014 RECRUITMENT!!!

– The booklet will introduce you to all of BELL’s departments, what they are and what they ask for in their members; BELL’s activities in recent years and our application procedure.

– In the application form you are going to tell us your personal information and answer questions that help us determine whether you are a potential BELLer.

– REMEMBER to send your form to [email protected] before 10 P.M, October 22, 2014.

– Please read the booklet thoroughly before deciding which department you want to apply to. If you are still unsure, feel free to contact any BELLers and ask for their advices.
We also hold an event this Sunday called INTRODUCTION DAY to help you with getting to know BELL and choosing departments. More information about this event will be posted soon.

– So what are you waiting for? Click DOWNLOAD and start our journey NOW!!!